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Finders Force Team
Pierre Yamfam

Pierre Yamfam

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


I am a Finder.

I find ways to empower others to see and challenge the way things are, for a better world that could be.

My Strength


My Weakness


Having worked for a full year with industry leaders Sunbelt Oxford as a T.M Agency Operative, whilst building his Creative Tech Agency on the side.

Pierre began noticing raging pain points when it came to hiring Agency Staff, he asked one simple question: Why is hiring decent Operatives so stressful and costly?

With 8 years of experience as a self-taught Design Hybrid specializing in Platform UI, SaaS, Graphic Design, and Strategic Consultancy, Pierre brings valuable and unique perspectives to fast-paced environments and his dedication to personal growth and creating for others empower him with the fuel, power and momentum to build Finders Force from the ground up with his trusted team.

He is passionate about entering markets with game-changing solutions that address the lack of clarity, accessibility, and appeal in services, industries, or products.

Aiming to grow in his role as a courageous leader of Finders Force, a National Award-Winning Tech company in the HR-SaaS space, Pierre has an undeniably fine-tuned method of understanding complex systems and re-explaining them with simplicity, a prime trait required, for a global project like Finders Force.

Pierre's Finder Matrix.

FF_Icon_Original_light copy.png


Courageously defying conventional norms to embrace and celebrate uniqueness.

Never give up.

The embodiment of a tenacious spirit that persists in the face of adversity.


Forever surpassing expectations whilst embracing personal accountability.


Continuous improvement in the flexible pursuit of transformation, playing the infinite game.


Crafting an unbreakable bond. An anything and everything commitment to each other.


The ability to positively and effectively  alter the course of how things are done.

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