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Savings Calculator

In order to make an accurate and confident assessment of how much time and money we can save your depot, we designed the Finders Force Pre-Screening Qualifier.


It's algorithm's have been specifically designed to:

  • Assess our compatibility,

  • Score your depot's efficiency,

  • Estimate both time and money savings and

  • Highlight an effective route forward for a potential partnership.

With this completed, you will be able to review your results, build your pricing plan which suits your depot and book your strategy meeting.


No more phone calls, no more waiting, no more emails. Save your time & money with power, efficiency & control at your fingertips.




A better world.

We empower humanity's workforce with
the ability challenge the way things are
for a better world that could be.


A world where you had 24/7 instant access to top quality, vetted operatives nationwide.

Save up to 60% on depot costs per year with our Core Plans.

That's right.

Upgrading your depot has never felt so good.

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What if?


One app unlocked an on demand supply of consistent, better paid shifts local to you.

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Earn £2,500+ per month with Wildfire Income.

Without working a single shift.

No, you read that right. You're welcome.

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A simple solution.

If we just listen.

quality operatives.
reliable supply.
higher retention.
lower costs.
less email &
better comms.
consistent shifts.
flexible shift options.
better pay.
fulfillment & friendship.
trust & respect.





​Our solution is a vision that sits at the intersection of what client’s and operatives are asking for.


We are Finders Force
and this is our secret sauce.


A promise from our Founder.

To empower humanity’s workforce with the ability to challenge what is, for a better world that could be.