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Finders Force Team
Mahmoud Abdelwarth

Mahmoud Abdelwarth

Chief Sales Officer


I am a Finder.


My Strength


My Weakness


A seasoned professional with diverse industry experience, Mahmoud began his career at General Motors, serving as a general manager for 4.5 years. At a young age, Mahmoud ventured into entrepreneurship, opening an internet cafe and mobile shop. He later excelled in the automobile industry as a top salesman, significantly increasing monthly revenue from £20k to an impressive £200k.

As the leader of Finders Force's expansion department, Mahmoud brings his exceptional sales skills and extensive experience to drive revenue growth. He has also made notable contributions to the security industry, successfully establishing a security company and working with renowned organizations such as A1 Security, Mighty Security, and G4S Security. Mahmoud's expertise extends to traffic management, where he managed large-scale events with thousands of vehicles.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Mahmoud has achieved financial freedom through online e-commerce businesses and network marketing. His innate ability to connect with people and build successful teams further enhances his value to Finders Force.

Mahmoud's decision to join Finders Force was driven by the alignment between his experiences in the security industry and the solutions offered by the Finders Force App. With his extensive expertise spanning over 10 years, Mahmoud is eager to lead the company's expansion into the security sector, building on the success achieved in traffic management.

With his multifaceted background, business acumen, and deep understanding of various industries, Mahmoud brings invaluable insights to Finders Force. His presence will contribute to the company's growth, particularly in the domains of security and sales.

Mahmoud's Finder Matrix.

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Courageously defying conventional norms to embrace and celebrate uniqueness.

Never give up.

The embodiment of a tenacious spirit that persists in the face of adversity.


Forever surpassing expectations whilst embracing personal accountability.


Continuous improvement in the flexible pursuit of transformation, playing the infinite game.


Crafting an unbreakable bond. An anything and everything commitment to each other.


The ability to positively and effectively  alter the course of how things are done.

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