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Isabelle Vaux

Team: Exhibition (Marketing)

Chief Marketing Officer


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From account executive to CEO in less than 6 weeks, Isabelle Vaux provides creative solutions at a fundamental level. With a deep understanding of the power of branding and strategic marketing, she relishes the opportunity to design the path that leads to achieving goals. Isabelle firmly believes that every business is unique and deserving of a holistic approach to its journey.

With a passion for nurturing small ideas into transformative creations, Isabelle brings a flicker of creativity that inspires growth and drives innovative marketing strategies. Her expertise in creative solutions, project management, and large-scale marketing is evident in her successful collaborations with industry-leading Clients such as Virgin Media, VMware, and Cannes Lions.

One of Isabelle's notable achievements includes leading the completion of the brand media kit, which received recognition at Cannes 2022 and featured in the renowned Hollywood Reporter. This accomplishment showcased her ability to create compelling and visually captivating content that resonates with audiences on a global scale.

As a CMO, Isabelle embodies qualities that make her an exceptional leader in the field. Her strategic thinking, strong communication skills, and ability to navigate complex marketing landscapes enable her to effectively position and elevate brands. Her ability to think outside the box and transform ideas into tangible results makes her an invaluable asset to the company's journey and continued innovation.

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