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Danyal Islam

Team: Expansion (Sales)

Non-Executive Director


I am a Finder


My Strength

My Weakness



Score: #/600



Never give up




Danyal, a network marketing powerhouse, began humbly as a car mechanic turned taxi driver. He juggled a full-time job, family, and online studies.

Fortune smiled upon him when a friend introduced him to network marketing. Intrigued by residual income and time leverage, Danyal embraced the field with zeal.

He envisioned a return to simple joys—exercise, meditation, quality time.

Overcoming hurdles, including public speaking fears and time constraints, he transformed into a confident speaker.

Known for patience and integrity, Danyal is resolute. Guided by Zig Ziglar's wisdom, "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want," he aims to instill this philosophy while serving his team and the organization.

Danyal is a leader in guiding people toward new horizons. He aspires to elevate the quality of life for his family, community, and the less privileged.

Danyal's skillsets are poised to significantly contribute to Finders Force's expansion, community building, and cultural enhancement. As an asset to the company, he embodies the ethos of growth and empowerment.


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