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Finders Force Team
Ceejay N. G. Porter

Ceejay N. G. Porter

Chief Operating Officer


I am a Finder.


My Strength


My Weakness


Ceejay is a visionary leader with a passion for revolutionizing industries and driving exponential growth. In summer 2018, Ceejay recognized the need for change and set out to transform the industry with the creation of INFINITY TM. With a relentless drive for excellence and a decade of experience and exposure, Ceejay's competitive edge has propelled him to achieve remarkable feats in various fields.

As the CEO and Founder of two companies, Ceejay has proven his ability to build successful ventures from scratch, generating substantial revenue within a short span of time. Additionally, he is a creative influencer on social platforms and organizes events across multiple business platforms.

Ceejay's journey in business began at a young age, starting his first corner shop at eight. His passion for leadership led him to leave school at 14 and gain experience in the hospitality industry before starting his own catering business. Ceejay became dedicated to empowering others to reach their full potential; embarking on a serial entrepreneur’s path.

From working with Gary Hollihead on the opening and launch of Corinthia Hotel to partnering with esteemed names like Hélèn Darroze at the Cannught and Gordon Ramsay, Ceejay has consistently delivered exceptional results.

As a problem solver, Ceejay takes an innovative approach, envisioning a solution by removing the problem and reverse engineering it. This allows him to provide creative problem-solving strategies.

With over 11 years of entrepreneurial experience and a deep understanding of client needs, Ceejay brings invaluable insights to Finders Force. His expertise in industry training, workforce supply, and resolving client challenges positions him as a key contributor to the company's success in the HR-SaaS space.

Ceejay's Finder Matrix.

FF_Icon_Original_light copy.png


Courageously defying conventional norms to embrace and celebrate uniqueness.

Never give up.

The embodiment of a tenacious spirit that persists in the face of adversity.


Forever surpassing expectations whilst embracing personal accountability.


Continuous improvement in the flexible pursuit of transformation, playing the infinite game.


Crafting an unbreakable bond. An anything and everything commitment to each other.


The ability to positively and effectively  alter the course of how things are done.

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