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Aminah Shah

Team: Extrapolation (Finance)

Chief Financial Officer


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Never give up




An accomplished Financial Strategist with a robust background in various sectors, including Financial Institutions, Energy, and Utilities. Aminah specializes in formulating, molding, and executing strategic and digital transformation initiatives.

With a well-established history as a reliable Financial Consultant and Business Architect, Aminah has collaborated with global organizations like IBM. Her contributions to multimillion-dollar strategic and digital transformation projects for esteemed financial clients such as Nationwide, Barclays, and Commonwealth Bank of Australia exemplify her expertise.

Aminah excels as a perceptive communicator, smoothly translating intricate financial challenges into practical solutions and intricate financial designs into understandable language. Her comprehensive approach ensures that strategies are in alignment with overarching goals and meticulously tailored. A keen problem solver, Aminah is often sought after to troubleshoot critical phases of projects.

Aminah's extensive experience and strategic outlook position her as a valuable asset to Finders Force. She plays a pivotal role in driving transformative financial change and contributing to the company's fiscal stability, growth, and overall success.

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